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I picked up my good one from Amazon ... it's called ...Smart Weight High Precision Milligram Jewelry Scale. It is very accurate ... have a jeweler friend with whom I compared the scale. Exact right down to .02 grains. Comes with a case and Two 20 g calibration weights, batteries and a pair of tweezers. The scales also has a plastic cover that flips up/down to protect the important parts from dust. It is digital and has the ability to weight and add multiple pieces. You might check Walmart online as well .... I think mine was about $35.

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Lots of scales out there check out the reviews Im sure youll find one :4chsmu1:I have a powder scale that weighs in under a  grain as well as grams-dwts-crts-oz-Good Luck its like going to the medicine Isle you have a hundred remedies looking at you-eny-meny-mo :tisk-tisk:Mike C...:200:

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Also check the readings.  Should read to at least .01 grams.  One gram is $35, .1 gram is $3.50, and .01 gram is $.35.  Some of the scales for sale do not read to at least .01. 

The scales also have a max weight of a couple ounces, but if you're just using it for gold, probably won't be a factor.  If you're also using it to bake with it will.  If you find a nugget heavier than that, you can always get another scale.

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