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Etching Potential Mesosiderite

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I posted a few days ago and hope I am not over posting. I found what could be a possible Mesosiderite albeit long odds and may just be slag. In reading more about them, I see that the widmanstatten is sometimes present. I etched a small piece with ferric acid and do see a pattern similar to an altered widmanstatten like Zacatecas. I am curious if this is indication pointing to being a meteorite vs slag





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Here is a few better etched pics. I am using ferric acid and may have had on too long as it rusts quickly. Also tried a Nickel Detect home test which seems to be pretty pink says the red-green color blind guy - LOL

I am trying to find a lab for XRF, but may just send piece to New England Meteoritical Services , assuming they are reputable. I would appreciate any suggestions where to send

P.S.  -  I have always understood holes being the kiss of death but I did saw this with a high speed hand held grinder with diamond blade - not sure if i just crushed them out in cutting




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