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I live in the Southern California just north of  Los Angeles. Its been HOT, real hot the last few weeks and I wanted to get out detecting but the idea of hunting new patches in air temps of 100 degrees or more just did not seem appealing until this morning.  We have  had a few wild fires spreading around the Los Angeles area and even thou they are many miles from me, the wind was blowing  the smoke in my direction. That was enough to get me driving out to the gold fields. I arrived at the area  I wanted to start swinging my zed  and decided to change up my settings. Im a smooth threshold person, cant stand a chattery threshold, but since I was going to be covering old ground I decided to turn up the settings as far as I could and see what happens Sometimes it pays to step out of your comfort zone,  2.2g . .56g .05g



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Very Nice !!

It will be interesting to see as others start to 'crank it up' on old patches....

Congrats on the nice gold.  :thumbsupanim


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I have noticed that since the last upgrade I am able to run much hotter with my 7000 and still maintain a fairly smooth threshold as well. Heading out the door now 4:00 am to see if I can get lucky again as well..... Nice nuggets....

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It is not just cranking up the Sensitivity, there are other adjustments that help smooth it out with a hotter setup and part of the most recent upgrade also was in part to allow for this. There are other considerations as well like depth of the ground, mode you are in, etc. But once one takes the time to push the limits and learn the detector inside and out it can do amazing things. 

There is no "one" setting that will do it all and here at LSD, Vultures, Little Horns, and other places the ground is not quite as forgiving as Gold Basin or Rye Patch areas so we have to compensate for this. Just cranking things full blast will often hinder more than help.....

I have had a few of my customers during training run full balls out then when over a deep or faint target start adjusting settings and listing to the target again. I suggest everyone using the ZED try this as it can be a real eye opener.....

This is a wonderful detector and has a lot of settings designed for different conditions and one MUST learn to use, understand, and know when to make adjustments to better target signals. Do not get fooled into using  one magical setup ya hear about or read online as the ZED has all those different adjustments for a very good reason... Often as well where someone hunts will often require much different settings from place to place.....

I had a feller complain he wasn't ever digging deep larger targets like he hears others do, but could hear small stuff at incredible depths. I asked how he sets up in shallow, deep, or moderately deep ground. He said "I always hunt in High Yield..... My answer was simply "That is why"  2 weeks later he showed me a 2 ounce nugget he found hunting his favorite hammered spot with the same 14 inch ZED coil set up in General at 25 inches deep.....

Knowing when to push up the power is VERY important on this detector as well as when to back off a bit..... Getting stuck in a "favorite Setting" and never matching the ZED to the environment can and WILL cost you missed targets.

Just my 2 cents

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Yah then High Yield and rock it baby....... Long as quiet, dang hot rocks and basalt/Tuft bedrock can make the squirrels come out here so I gotta back off to around 11-13 to hear the whispers all the extra chatters hides so well. When is LSD on your list? November?


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Nice gold! Thank you for the pictures they really bring the picture from the words to light! I have never been to Gold Basin so your post comes to life with the pictures. 

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11 hours ago, Relichunter2016 said:



Have you tried detecting up near Follows Camp  with the zed, I  did pretty good up on Shoemaker road..working the old gulches above the East Fork. Congrats on the nuggets....

I still have a plan for going up there but the one or two times I tried there was a LOT of trash ... cans, tops, tin, etc ...


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