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41 LaSalle hood ornament


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Thought I would explain the plating process on this one. A lot of people think you just dip it in a big bucket of chrome and WHALA!

I wish

Once you get the part, you have to strip it and take out casting lines/fix flaw/cracks and such. Usually the stripping is done by blasting with garnet. Then each pit has to be drilled out to get the corrosion out (like a cavity). After that more blasting.
Next the part goes into a neutral nickel strike bath to put a "primer" plate on and then into the acid copper.
After the acid copper I can solder all the pits and flaws. Lots of sanding/filing lead...more solder...sand..ect until all the flaws are fixed.

Then blast, back into the nickel bath and then 2 hrs of acid copper.

Sand the flaws out, more copper plating, sand....usually 3 or for times like this until the part is perfect and smooth.

All the time, making sure the parts still fit together and dont get built up from the plating.

Next comes buffing to a high shine. If there are any defects at this point the bright nickel/chrome will only magnify them....not hide them.

So they have to be perfect at this stage.

After buffing and cleaning in hot dawn soap, they go into the bright nickel bath for a half hour and then into the chrome.

If youve done everything right your happy....if not, you get to fix some things! :(

Oh and BONUS....you have to keep the chemistry of the baths all in balance otherwise you can have some major issues that affect the plating.

This is a 41 LaSalle hood ornament that was pitted pretty badly and cracked. Originally this was the hood release on the Cadillac so it took some abuse as you would pull it up to open the hood.

Tom H.












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53 minutes ago, azdigger said:

That is amazing, and I thought all ya had to do was shake the can for 2 min. and spray :ROFL:.

Very informative , thanks

Yah! I wish! :)


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