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All of this nugget talk and I don't have any to show for it.  I put in 3-4 hour searches on my way to the eclipse and all day in Rye Patch and skunksville again.  I had enough so last night I had to head out to a place I know pretty good, the beach.  No more thoughts of patches, formations, gullies, ridges, virgin patches or any of that talk for me.  Get me on the beach!

I got to one of my spots about 9:30 PM last night.  It is not far from where I live.  I would be doing the same thing if I lived near nuggets.  I'd go out at night.  I like night hunting.

The waves have not been good this summer and I've not hunted as much because there doesn't seem to be new targets like the El Nino year.   Last night was not much different but you have to go anyway.  I worked about half a mile of beach near the water and only had a couple of coins when I found a cheap ring (not pictured) and I moved on.  I was hunting a usual spot when a guy approached me and asked me if I could help him find his wedding ring.  This is about 11 PM.  I didn't want to break my pattern but he told me it was not far so I said ok.

We headed away from the beach and then the story changed.  He did not lose it where he originally told me but in a different direction.  The ring was from his wedding on the 26th of August and he was really wanting it back and offered to give me $20 if I found it.  (I wanted to help him not for the money but because he was polite and it seemed like the thing to do at the time.)  Now you have to understand I'm in Southern California and let's just say many locals and visitors have a different lifestyle.  As he begins to change the story of where I could help him find this ring (a wedding band) it becomes obvious that it was a gay marriage and his partner had lost it when it dropped out of his shoe.  I'm thinking there is going to be some good karma come from this so I tell him if I find any other rings while looking for his I'm going to keep them.

After a couple of changes in direction we make it to the part of the beach near where he had been a couple of days before.  He is getting excited about the area which was over a half a mile from where he found me searching the beach.  (What am I doing?  haha)  So he is off trying to find his spot (he's had a few drinks and can't quite remember) and I say I'll search here while he figures it out.

I turn the 3030 back on with my 17" coil and start to search the dry sand that gets raked every day by the tractors.  The tractors smooth the sand and remove some of the trash.  It is not an area I hunt much any more as I prefer the hard sand and the water washed targets.  He's off about 100 yards from me trying to find his spot where he lost his ring and I find a couple of coins and then I get this hit.  It crackles but it is in the nickel/gold area on the screen.  Even tho I have the numbers on big I just look at the scale so I can't tell you the numbers.

I take a couple of scoops and I see this ring in my sand scoop and it lights up in my flash light.  Most things like this are costume jewelry so I quickly put it in my pouch.  He comes over and shows me where he wants to look for his ring.  I grid the area for 30 minutes before I tell him I must go.  He says I'll give you something for your trouble.  He has a pocket full of cash including 20s but he offers me $4.  Ok is my reply and off he goes.

When he is gone I look at the yellow ring.  I put it back on the sand ... gold!  I look at it again and topaz.  I bring it home and it has white and yellow gold and it weighs 10g.  I show it to a jeweler friend and he doesn't recognize the Paul brand name but says that is a fine topaz.  I agree.  All found because I tried to help someone recover their ring.

It's the karma.  Help when you can and you'll be repaid with at least a good story.  In this case I got more than the story.






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39 minutes ago, Mike Furness said:

Not liking the setting much ... but then ... not my style.   On the other hand that stone is beautiful! Congrats on the find!

I can understand that.. Definitely not modern.. I'd guess set in the 1960s at the latest, back until??? -- I dunno, early 1900s plus or minus a decade..? Can strike one as kinda cheap and gaudy today but was quite the fashion statement in its time.. This makes for an even neater and cooler find for Mitchel, its being somewhere between 60 - 100 years old, my guess.. Reminds me of some of my grandmother's rings..


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