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Just asking , what would be a good first PI , without emptying the bank .

Looked a SD2000 and a GPX 4500 also the SDC 2300.

 I know Bill says it is not the detector that finds gold but the operator.

A PI can't hurt.....

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Minelab still supports all their PI units from the 3500 up (for now) and both the 4500 and 5000 are very reasonably priced as is the 2300. There are many options and different reasons one may prefer one over the other, but I suggest you learn to sniff out gold with what you have for now and consider an upgrade to a PI in the future unless you have money burning a hole in your pocket. In that case I would likely look at the 5000 that sells for 3,399.00 with Military discount. Why? The 5000 has more options as far as different coils goes as well as the Sensitive/fine timing not on the 4500. The 2300 is a very good detector as well, but not as many options since it only has a 8" coil you can not change out, but it is waterproof which makes it nice to own.

So my call would be the 5000 or 4500 for the areas you hunt.

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Reason I asked is I found a 4500 for 2200

Includes all factories accessories, plus:

carbon fiber upper shaft             4 lower shafts              

3 extra elliptical search coils:  12 x 15 Minelab Commander Mono

                                                 9 x 12 Coil-Tek Platypus Mono (waterproof)

                                                  6 x 10 Minelab DD

control box cover

Minelab Pro Find 25Pinpointer (new)

6 gold hunting DVDs

2 plastic scoops

1 pair camo shin guards

soft carry case

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I really like the 4500 I got from Bill a few years ago and have found a bunch of gold, large & small...With all the accessories you've listed $2,200 sounds like a sweet deal!  Cheers, Unc


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The 4500 is a great machine. Like i said before, i know guys here in Nv that just absolutely clean up with their 4500. I think that's a good price.

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Thought hard , I am gonna listen to you Bill and wait, I am sure I will be able to see a lot of different machines at the outing and I will have a little more time on what I have.

Thanks All

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