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Gold Monster Water & Warranty Questions

Dakota Slim

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There is a used Gold Monster on ebay and the seller says he used it in a creek and now the large coil has water in it.
This leads me to ask 4 questions:
1. How long is the warranty?
2. Is the coil warranteed?
3. Is the warranty transferable?
4. Has anyone else used their coil(s) under water?


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If coil was damaged to allow water in by owner use  not sure what they will do, but coil itself is warrantied to 3 feet submersion. Call and ask is what I would do, only coil issue I am aware of was on Harry Pittmans and Minelab simply replaced the whole detector for him.



Key Technology
Ultra-wide dynamic range 45kHz VLF
Detect Modes
Gold (Iron reject), Deep All-Metal
Gold Chance Indicator (high/low)
Ground Balance
Automatic (Easy-Trak)
Noise Cancel
Automatic (On start-up)
Sensitivity Adjust
Manual (1–10), Auto (11), Auto+ (12)
Volume Adjust
Manual 1–6
Visual Display
Monochrome LCD
Detector Length
1382mm–944mm (54.4"–37.2")
Detector Weight (with10" × 6" coil)
1.33kg (2.94lbs) (excluding battery)
Audio Output
Internal speaker or headphones 3.5mm (1/8")
Coils (standard)
GM 10 (10" x 6" Double-D), GM 05 (5" Double‑D)
Coils waterproof to 1m (3'), Control box rain/splash-proof
Battery options
Li-Ion (included), 8 × AA Batteries (not included)
2 years control box & coil
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