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Hood badge for a pedal car


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Been doing a lot of plating lately as its rather warm down in the desert for detecting. Here is a hood badge for a J 40 pedal car.

Had to do some major work on it as it was missing half a wing and pitted pretty bad.

Did a V splice with copper as I figured a butt joint would be too weak when he puts a screw in it to hold it to the radiator.

Lots of copper/shaping and sanding..................but, it came out pretty good :)
Next up is a 41 LaSalle hood ornament  This one is ugly!

Tom H.








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Yeah, he always did 'Shine S...'.  Must have got it from his mother.....

   Old Tom  :idunno:



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Yeah, that's one heck of a nice job there Tom.

The pics really tell the story of the knowledge and skills it takes to do something like that.



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Thanks guys.... This was a little bit of a pain as nothing was symmetrical on it.   It was just stamped out/plated and stuck on the pedal car.

 Fortunately the guy I do pedal car parts for realizes this and knows about it.

I still try to make them butt a$$ perfect though :)

Just finished up a 53 Buick hood ornament and will post some pics of it.

Tom H.


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