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It's warm out there

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It turns out that we can go out and detect and drywash in this heat. Spent about 2 days drywashing and 2 hours detecting on the way out. Picture is pieces pulled from drywasher and detected. Guessing 6-7 grams drywashing(no picture) and 3.2 grams of big stuff. Hit a little stretch were I detected about 12 small nuggets all in a 3×3 area. It was a super dropout with lots of fines too.


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Beautiful gold and results Bro.  Success doesn't come to the faint hearted.  Gotta get out there and put up with the elements if you want deliverance.  I also see the imprint of your poke bottle on your palm.........:yesss:

   Old Tom

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That's a nice handful of gold you've got there!!  :thumbsupanim

It's hot now, but this morning was okay for the first couple hours.

The gold is out there for those who want it.

Congrats !!


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Now that I got my ranger fixed....will be out there again

Very nice finds for sure

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WTG BD! :) Nice pile of gold :yesss: Classic pose too :ROFL:

Im sure your going to get more out of there.

Tom H.


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Great gold but too darn hot for me. 110 yesterday and more more 100+ coming. Over 73 days over 100+ here in Redding this year and slated for 4 -6 more at LEAST. Dying to get out and use Gold Monster but....just too old for the heat and never detect at night as my patch is hours away...come on fall-John

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