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Need instruction on your Minelab Detector

Mike Furness

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Just wanted to let you guys and gals here on the forum know that I am now representing Nuggetshooter in both training and sales. You all know Bill Southern's reputation for honest and fair dealings and Nuggetshooter's reputation for fast and reliable service so I don't need to go into either of those areas. However I do want you to know that I am available to you with the same philosophy as Bill whether it be sales or training ... or he would not have associated me with Nuggetshooter!

As a retired person I have perhaps a little more time on my hands than Bill when it comes to training options ... he still has a day job as most of you know. I also know that many will want training from the master himself ... But ... if you can only do it during workday hours I could be your answer. Just for the record Bill was one of my mentor's back when I first started detecting for gold back in the days of the GP3000. So I was trained by him and continue to learn from him ... I will train you the same way for more success with your detector.

A little about me ... I have been using a metal detector since 1988 on the beaches, parks and antique homes in NH for coins, jewelry and assorted treasure. In 2003 I came to AZ for the first time and bought a GP3000. I found my first nugget three days after my first training session. I started teaching metal detecting in 2012 and have been since then. One day Kevin Hoagland came to me after spending a day with me on a group 'Boot Camp' at Stanton suggesting that I step up my game and call him after the the camp was finished. I did as he suggested and after a short conversation he suggested I talk to Bill ... Well the rest is now history and Bill and I are now on the same team ... The Best educational team of any Minelab dealership if I do say so myself!

Anyway I digress ... Bottom-line here is that in time I hope you will think of me and Nuggetshooter in the same way that you think of Bill and Nuggetshooter ... When it comes to detecting, knowledge of the machine being used is the key to success ... training to the needs of the individual and his machine is the key to exceptional results. Education is the ultimate goal of the training we provide so that your time with your detector is maximized for success. You can reach me the same way you do Bill. Just call the shop 623.910.0345 and ask for me. Or go to the website www.nuggetshooter.com. Or the company email at: nuggetshooter@outlook.com. 

Thanks for reading through all of this. I look forward to working with all of you.

Mike Furness

Gold Fever Specialist

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