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Big thanks to the Fain family!

Yesterday I entered my first Hare Scrambles dirt bike race. I havent been riding much the last 5 years but got some rides in the last few weekends, I have always wanted to race and with one so close to home I just had to enter. It was held by AZOP on the Fain property of Lower Lynx Creek off Hwy 69.

I ran the "Open B"  class and had a ton of fun, I'm pretty sure I got hit by a few nuggets along the course kicked up by riders, no time for gold though!!!

The course was 7 miles long and riders typycally get 5 or 6 laps in, a two hour race to the finish. It was live engine start, I was 6th row back and each row took off 15 seconds apart starting with the "Pros" on down to the "A,B,C" classes starting last. We took off at 9:40 am and it was already pretty dang hot out! I was sweating my butt off all geared up waiting 40 minutes sitting on the bike for the start.

I got a good holeshot and was third into the first corner, and then the dust! Holy crap was it dusty! I managed to pass the two guys ahead of me in my class a 1/2 mile off the start and was leading going into the single track. It wasn't long and I had caught up to the class in front of me and started passing those guys and guys crashed off the course, a couple had overshot corners and landed in a ditch upside down!

This whole time my adrenaline is just raging and I got totally caught up on passing guys and trying to get out of the dust, I completely lost track of the guys in my class and ended up passing over 25 riders in the first lap and was near the top riders deep into the second lap and then, BOOM! It hit me hard, fatigue and heat overload!!:th: I way over did it and started feeling sick to my stomach :sickbyc:, I had to pull over, after a 10 minute  break in the shade I got the second lap done and had to pit, I felt terrible in the pits and took almost 30 minutes to cool off. By the time I got back on the course they had the white flag going and I was only able to get one more lap in. I finished last in my class for 8th position by a few minutes :aw-shucks:. It was a challenging single track course and I had spilled the bike twice banging up my knee and elbow even with gear on.

Boy do I have new respect for racing, I also learned a lot and will be making some changes for the next race. Pace myself and relax!! Pay attention to my class only, make some suspension changes, get contacts (not wearing glasses and having an astigmatism sure didn't help) and most importantly start exercising more! I'm sore and tired and feel totally beat up today. I love it...



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Hey! That sounds like me when I went out with Justin and did some single track up around Lake Pleasant. Could not hardly walk for 3 days! :)

Well...........you have memories to last a lifetime now :th:

Tom H.


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TOOOOO hot for me to much at all except for a few hours early am. Your story reminds me of the Virginia City races I used to run in Nevada back in the day when I was young. So much fun to scratch and claw your way through the pack-kudos for the try. John:thumbsupanim

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