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Any one else Try Devils Claw ?


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 Yep, them nasty things that like to Grab You by the Ankle and Dig Right in.  Devils Claws.    Seems to be a bumper Crop this year.  Got talking to a buddy who happened over and he mentioned his dad made tea out of the Root and it did a job on his Sore Joints.  Heard about it over 30 years ago.  Sorta forgot all about it.  Shoulder I had surgery on back in the 80's has been really giving me stick.  Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife dug me up some Devils Claw Root yesterday.   Come dragging in a two foot chunk of Root about a inch and a half around.  Made some tea as prescribed.  Surprised  to find the flavor like a regular mild green tea.  BLAND and TASTELESS !  LOL   Slurped down a cup ( Water Glass at least 7 oz) and went to bed.  Been having issues getting to sleep with the shoulder doing bad things to me.  I fell asleep in minutes .  Woke up not thinking about it until I got to the coffee pot and realized, Eaaaa I don't hurt !   Man that stuff sure is the bomb for my sore knee's and shoulder. Better then any Ibuprofen . We have the stuff growing all over the property this year. Going to Bag and Tag as much as I can find.



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