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Gold Basin Again


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Made it out to GB for a short hunt this morning . I was trying my 3 detectors....that was fun , seems the Eureka Gold is the heavy one , the gold bug is the lightest, but I got more hits with the GM1000 than the others.

All in all , I still found my share of lead ,, foil and a few hot rocks, I even got and odd rock , very slightly magnetic , when washed off I think it might be a rock I will have to show someone.

When put under a magnifier it some what looks like silver or lead and some places look a little yellow .........so I will keep it.

My brother was with me and he insisted on using his GO FIND 60 , He did find some foil , a nut and a screw....Was funny watching him as the go find has an APP that he can use on his tablet...funny watching a person swing a detector and stare at a table while walking....he ran into a Joshua tree , :4chsmu1:

 Till my next hunt.

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Good on you guys for getting out. Its pretty cool how the GM discriminates the tin/iron?
Bet he will give up that app once he walks into a Cholla :2mo5pow:

Tom H.


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I think we only hunter for a couple of hours, most was touring gold basin, my brother had never been out there.

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