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Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.


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Morning everyone, 

Took the kids out last night for another night hunt. There is a spot below our new relic area that looked good to me when we pulled out of there at daylight the last trip. So i checked the arial maps and seen some stuff i liked so i hit it yesterday. We got up there earlier yesterday than we normally do because it was cooler. The boys grabbed their detectors and headed to the relic spot and I geared up with the 5000 and headed below. About an hour into I pulled this 5.6 gram specimen. Not huge but it is a nice little piece and the skunk buster for 9 trips or so of gold free detecting.  Ill get better pics of it. The boys found some cool stuff too and I'll show pics of them when we clean them up. Take care everyone. 




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Very Nice Dan !!

It seems, the longer the wait, the better the payoff.

WTG  :thumbsupanim


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YES! WTG :yesss:

Nice specie.

Tom H.


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Nice..! The only gold-in-quartz we can ever find around here is............
Oh, wait..! I was thinking "golden quarts.." Just findable around New Years too..
So nevermind.. Sorry.. My bad..

Nog nog..
Who's there..?
Nog egg..
Nog egg who..?


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Very very nice, Dan!  And that piece is plenty big compared to what I've been finding lately.  It's a little funny because sometimes I look at multiple skunks as just storing up gold power.  And then you go out and get a sweet one like that.  Nice work.

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Very nice specie!  All good and congrats for getting your kids excited and involved! ... Cheers, Unc


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