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Almost Forgotten Patches....

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Ya know it is kind of funny that now Minelab has come out with a detector I can trust discrimination on I have started remembering places I have shied away from for years due to trash from campers and the old timers due to there being maddening amounts of iron and then some other spots due to basalt, ironstone, etc. Having a detector with a trustworthy discrimination has allowed me to score in almost every spot like this I have gone back to! For years I have dug "ALL TARGETS" and told those I trained the same, but now things have changed and I have tried very hard to fool this Gold Monster 1000's discrimination into missing a non ferrous target enough now that I trust it enough to walk past targets it tells me are trash.

So now I am adding a list of these spots to my to-do pile and revisiting them able to work through and around all the trash cherry picking the non ferrous from the iron trash with relative ease. Many have been nuggets so far and this weekend I intend to hit a few patches I have not been to in years in the cool pines to mess around, some areas that are really bad, but hold very nice nuggets in the washes loaded with wire, tin can parts, and other iron crap.

These areas are so bad I can't even hunt them with my PI or ZVT beepers without wanting to rip out my hair within an hour due to all the trash signals. Having a new tool in the box that can deal with these areas is very welcome for this old boy.....

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Same here Bill. Even washes that ive not given up on because the PI still works in them (lots of ironstone)
Im sure dads going to pull some small ones out my big coil doesnt hear. Like starting over :yesss:

Tom H>


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