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Minelab GPZ 7000 Software Update 2 Question - Platform


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After purchasing the GPZ I read the brochure and did the recent software update. Easy, awesome, thank you. 

Being a Linux user I opted to borrow my better half’s Windows PC to download and transfer the file via USB. Now, my Linux system could have accomplished that simple task no problem. The brochure simply states to facilitate the update via a “computer”. The term “computer” is ambiguous. The main reason (assumption) for using my better half’s Windows system was warranty. 

My understanding of the legal definition of computer is essentially the following: ”A computer is a device that computes, often a programmable machine, which can perform a programmed list of instructions and respond to new instructions given to it. An electronic computer accepts data, manipulates data, produces results, and stores results.” (U.S. Legal) Many legal eagles have weighed in that definition covers any of the following: Linux, Mac, Windows, Chromebooks (Linux). tablets, phones (Android (Linux) and iPhone (MAC), etc. 

Quoting the Minelab brochure steps: 

“Begin the download by clicking on the new GPZ 7000 software update in the ‘Software Updates (Detector Firmware)' section. It will automatically save to your computer.”

“Connect the GPZ 7000 to your computer via the USB cable and turn on the detector.”

“Once the software update file is transferred to your detector, disconnect it from the computer by ejecting the drive and then unplugging the USB cable.” 

These directions never specify using Windows, Mac, Linux or anything. Just “computer”. That said, downloading and transferring a file could be accomplished with all kinds of “computers”. Again, kudos to Minelab for not making the update required to use some special software, just a file transfer. 

My main question:
Has anyone posed this type of question to Minelab? The question being: "Can you use any "computer" (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc.) to initiate file transfers for GPZ 7000 updates via USB and not void your warranty?"  If no one has posed the question to Minelab, I am happy to do so. If yes, someone did pose the question to Minelab,, what did ML say? 

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Thanks Jen. I have no doubt that transferring the update file to the gpz can to be accomplished with even just a phone that supports USB file transfer.

Maybe my original question should be worded: Does transferring files to the GPZ with anything other than a windows or mac computer void the gpz warranty?


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And 6 months later Minelab provides an answer: 

“Hello Rod, From one of our engineers: "The nature of the device that is used does not affect the warranty. A Linux box can be used without issue. A phone with a USB adapter has been used in the past. The mechanism that is used to perform updates was specifically chosen to be a Mass Storage Device so that it could be most generic." I hope that helps! Tracy Customer Care & BDM Administrator Minelab Americas” 

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