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I know that our official gold prospecting season hasn't begun as yet, but thought I would go out and "eye ball" a wash today that had had some pretty good monsoon rains hammering it last month.  I didn't take my detector, nor any of my other prospecting goodies this time.  Just mainly walked the wash checking out the exposed bedrock sections.  I thought I would do an update on my "naked-eye"-gold-recognition capabilities, and as such, positioned myself on my hands and knees eyeballing the cracks and crevices of the exposed bedrock.  I was out there for a few minutes doing this, and was only able to find this one, so I guess I can say:  eye to gold recognition----CHECK and GOOD!!! :brows:  I hadn't brought any kind of container with me, so I had to use a plastic credit card folder that was in my wallet to hold this "Massive-nugget" until I got it home,--improvise.  :nutty: I'd say that it is a bit smaller than the head of a safety pin.  Gary


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Pretty cool Gary :)
Nice way to find gold.

Tom H. 

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18 minutes ago, adam said:

I got called a " Crumb Chaser "  once,  but this person meant it in a negative context.   :rolleyes::idunno: 

that is funny, they all add up and an ounce of crumbs is the same value as a ounce of larger bits. Heck I was a flower and fines chaser for many years until I gave up my drywasher and #2 shovel. Just tears me up to dig all day now so I stick with beeping :head:

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Good eyes, Gary.  I need to get out and do some blow tubing, myself.  (... hold back on the snide remarks) :nono:

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On 8/10/2017 at 11:01 AM, Andyy said:

...I need to get out and do some blow tubing, myself...

If it's good enough for Liz n Walt in Ozland should be plenty good in Aridzona too..
I've seen 'em both in vids uncover nice values using blow tubes only..


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