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250 Million Year Sea Monster Discovered in Nevada

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I'm kind of surprised it was found near Elko. That's a really nice find. I wonder if someone just stumbled onto it or if it was found as part of a professional dig.

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Not that it matters, but I'd like to know if the monster got there before the gold in that part of Nevada was deposited or after. 
They say it was "unearthed" and my guess is it was found as a result of some kind of mining. 

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I am going to throw in a contrarian view.  This may seem like off the top rope, but it's what I believe.

I don't really see how they are calling a 6' fish a sea monster.  This seems to be a bit sensationalist.  If a 6' fish is a sea monster, what is a modern great white shark?

And as to knowing all that from a head, I take that with a bit of skepticism.  Just look at the theories of the short arms for Tyrannosaurus Rex.

I kind of get angry when I read articles like this.  It kind of reminds me of some of the exo-planets.  I totally believe they know the exo planets and size, and maybe an atmospheric composition of some.  I totally believe that is good science.  I also believe the "habitable zone."  Then it goes south.  Articles with pictures of an "artist's rendition," that only serves to get you to click on the story to read it from the picture, or the title "New Exoplanet Is Twice Earth's Size — And Made Largely of Diamond ..."  How do they know that?  We can't even get the weather right in Phoenix 30% of the time and its sunny 300 days a year here.

It's not quite as bad as some of the political articles by left leaning media, but I sometimes wonder if people writing articles like a 6' sea monster are just building a resume to get into the political muckraking articles.

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