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This is hard to say. I've had this for about a year and it was so small it's hard to photograph but with my new phone I can finally get OK pics of it. Under a loop it looks like chondrules loaded up in the matrix, I've tried a magnet with no success though I've not tried a magnet on a string test because mine snapped so I need to make a new one. I enhanced a couple of the pics to maybe help show what I'm seeing a little better. Thanks 









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13 hours ago, Sonny said:

It might be achondrite but

Thank you Sonny,

   I set up a magnet on a string and it turns out to be oh so slightly attracted to the suspect. I'm going to send it over to have it looked at, thanks for the info.  


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Since he's the collection manager for ASU Center for Meteor Studies, I found this:

** Due to a substantial rise in demand as well as budget constraints and staff limitations, the Meteorite Identification Program was suspended in 2010**  


The Center no longer analyzes or identifies potential meteorites for the general public. If you believe you have found a meteorite and would like to have it identified, click here. The Center for Meteorite Studies is in no way responsible for any specimens sent to the Center, nor is the Center responsible for returning them to senders.

ASU Center for Meteorite Studies
School of Earth & Space Exploration
PO Box 876004
Tempe, AZ 85287-6004  
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