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Think I will go and bop around in the desert until it gets too hot... Have to try a new video camera and need a nugget fix, hope some of you can get out this weekend. Lots of big rain at the LSD so gonna go have a look at the changes.

Good Hunting

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8 hours ago, Bill Southern said:

...Have to try a new video camera...

Sorry to hear.. Pls send your old cam this-a-way for proper recycling, tnx..

j/k :4chsmu1:

I, too, need to pick up a new cam.. Current one is FUBAR'ed; refuses to focus.. Welll, that isn't exactly true.. It will still focus, just not on what you're trying to focus.. I try to trick it by putting something else as the subject so it will focus on the background, which has become its new normal.. But it somehow knows when I'm doing this and will then focus somewhere in between, putting neither in focus.. :41:

Alibaba here I come..! :112:


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