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Gold Monster?


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Ok, a question to those who are using the Gold Monster (Patrick you can sit this one out for a bit).

   I love my 4500, but looking for a good backup. I had a 2300 and hated it. Was suppose to buy an Amp to hear and then there were a couple of other issues. I just did not like it. Too many people like it so it’s probably me. Want no BS here; some people like motorhomes and I like trailers. Seems there are issue with the shaft, okay. Liken some of the reviews I’m reading.

  Guess, I’m picky. Have a Gold Bug Pro, just not caring for, so probably give to my daughter when she comes out. No one gets my goldbug2 or 4500.

  If’n yer a bit of hard hearing, can you hear targets w/o headphones? I’m like Bill, I like my Koss, but sometimes too hot. How really is discrimination?

 Thanks, Shep

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Yes it is worth having, yes the discrimination really works, I have one you are welcome to try first and it does as well as you are reading. I know you are not looking for dealer opinions so I will shut up now :hide:

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I have one , I have not had it over gold ..."yet" , but I have found little birdshot next to a small nail . never heard the nail but the birdshot was loud.

 I love it as it is pretty much turn on and go .

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I'm looking forward to getting my hands on a demo at least ... and if to my liking ... for all I have researched I think it will be a done deal! ... The White's MXT, Fisher GB Pro and White's V-sat will be on their way to a new home! The rest of the stable ... GPX 5000 and 4500, SDC2300 and the GPZ7000 will have a home right where they are. Can we say too many detectors! LOL!

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Shep I am pretty new here I live off grid the area I hunt is pretty windy a lot of times and from my limited experience with the GM 1000 I have no issues with being able to hear the GM 1000 with out the head phones I also have pretty severe hearing loss and I run the GM 1000 with out the head  phones I do use headphones with my XTERRA 705 but do not like to when I do use the headphones on the XTERRA i only have one ear covered as I do not like not being able to hear things sneaking up on me

Also since purchasing the GM 1000 I have not dug one target that was ferrous so the discrimination to me works really good if the meter is reading non ferrous then it is non ferrous if it is reading ferrous I do not dig which I know might seem crazy to most but I am searching only for non ferrous targets one other thing I have dug some pretty large lead,brass and aluminum  targets down to around 10 inches so for me the depth seems pretty good also the area I detect the ground changes quite a bit and what i mean by this is before purchasing the GM 1000 I hunted with the XTERRA 705 in prospecting mode with the GB TRACING on I have noticed the GB numbers change from the mid to high 40s to single digit numbers with in a 20 foot area with the 705 the lower the GB numbers the hotter the ground with the GM 1000 in the same areas it runs really quiet and stable with the XTERRA I would always check the ground balance even though I was running with the tracking on the GM 1000 you just have to trust that it is changing to the conditions you are hunting  

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