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Just wanted to finally say hello to everyone have been signed up for awhile but finally decided to start posting so hello to everyone live in the northern area of AZ new to detecting for gold but not new to detecting

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On 8/3/2017 at 2:16 PM, GDM/PV said:

Well HOWDEEEE, and WELCOME from the wonderful world of Gold Fever.  You're from the northern area of Arizona............Approx, where???? Not a secret is it??  We won't tell IRS :4chsmu1:

I live up in the Young area not a big secret but I do like my privacy after selling my property in Ohio I purchased several acres in young and live completely off grid

I know its not actually the northern part of AZ but to me it is

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By the way thank you everyone for the welcome greatly appreciated I am here mainly to learn from the more experienced gold hunters as I am not experienced at all in detecting for gold I have the XTERRA 705 and just recently purchased the gold monster 1000 as I wanted a detector more geared for gold even though I feel the 705 is a great all around detector

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