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Iron Stones & Gold


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Iron stones can sure be a blessing, and a curse ......Usually when I see iron stones, it is very promising for gold.  The curse is that they can sure play havoc with your metal detector, and unfortunately,  Rattle Snakes love Iron stones too :89:


Todays gold take  :head:


Encountered this mildly defensive individual ...:nutty:


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That's the dragon guarding the gold, Adam.  Just have to walk softly :)

It is funny how the best patches I've been to have the ironstone sticking to the magnets.  Walk a little ways away from the area and the iron stones disappear.  I think they are one of THE top indicators. 

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1 hour ago, homefire said:

We have that stuff here big time but no sizeable gold around it .   The GMT says      http://www.pacdv.com/sounds/fart-sounds/fart-7.mp3  

when you put it over it. 

Now where have I heard that before..? :89:
Oh, yeah -- from my GMT.. :sickbyc:


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Amen to the ironstone's :) I get happy when I see them also.

One wash we got a lot of gold out of is a ironstone factory! 

Really cool pic of the snake.

Sweet gold too.

Tom H.


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