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I assume this means the owner..or someone high in the food chain maybe director of marketing it a meteorite collector.?.. I say this scores a point for KFC in my books, imagine what it took to carve that. Definitely not the most desirable choice for a meteorites final destiny but that is thinking outside the box for starters, if it a campo then maybe it's not in vain. 

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On 7/29/2017 at 3:56 AM, garimpo said:

My 162 lb. iron would make a good ham roast!:cry2:

Don, have you talked to Ruben Garcia in Peoria, AZ (Mr-Metorite.com) ... or Jeff Noeff (spelling)? ...Cheers, Unc


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There are Steel laser cutting machines that will cut any 3D image you can input to it. I would believe that the value of this space rock would be quadrupled by this. Thumbs up here  

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