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Natural or man made?

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Found this jasper looking object near LSD (Morristown area) about 30 years ago and thought I'd see what you all thought. Does it look like it was worked by man or just a natural creation? Thanks in advance for your replies and consideration.    Jim   :4chsmu1:





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Im sure it isnt natural I use to hunt arrow heads and pieces like yours were common to see in their camps-they chipped peices like that off bigger rocks so that they could start shaping them into the finished product-:arrowheadsmiley: Mike C...:200: 


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2 hours ago, SanDomingoJim said:

Thanks Mike. Nice looking pieces you have. Kinda looks like similar material.

Hi Jim red jasper-when I hunted many many years ago when it was legal  you didnt see to many made out of red jasper- :arrowheadsmiley: Thanks Mike C...:200:

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