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Possible meteorite?

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This one made my heart flutter a little, I was on lunch today looking at the ground as always and saw the light grey opening agianst the black outside. Got home, did a streak test to the outside and it barely leaves a streak-faint brown. It doesn't attract a magnet. It's hard to say because it doesn't attract a magnet, to me without window and polish it looks like a polymict eucrite. A guy can dream right. What are your thoughts guys. I have to cut it a little to polish the window so it going to have to wait unless you guys twist my arm enough, I can break out a dremmal to cut it worst case.





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1 hour ago, Mikestang said:

Doesn't look like fusion crust to me.

 It's probably not, I was fully expecting a black magnetite streak, these coated rocks are tricky. This one looked so thin and uniform I thought I'd ask.

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1 hour ago, Bill Southern said:

Still a cool interior, trick is to learn to ID Terrestrial specimens too :old:

I need that old time wisdom LOL, and your absolutely right!! It's going in the cabinet, I like it too.

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Get yourself a rock and mineral test kit or look up how to make your own and use the app I poster in the Rock and Mineral forum with it. Easy as pie and a fairly good kit can be made of common items, https://www.homesciencetools.com/media/reference/IN-TESTKIT.pdf

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