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On 1/29/2018 at 12:39 PM, Old Tom said:

Bob, how do you know about this stuff?????  :4chsmu1:

  Old Tom

Well Old Tom I've spent a lot of time in the hills and I'm still here. :4chsmu1:AzNuggetBob

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Trust me find a vendor who sells this stuff, it's called a chaga mushroom and it grows symbiotically on the birch tree. So I brew a tea with it and it's a darn good tasting tea. The health Benny's--- I have UC crowins and it sucks but I deal with it, this chaga mushroom reduces the inflammation, that freaking subtle always pain right below my rib cage, center cause by inflammation in the transverse colon seems more bearable today I'll let you know how that continues!!!!  Apparently it can help you naturally maintain your blood sugar levels, I've heard people with type two using chaga can benefit greatly from this!!! I'm going to make my dad drink it because what the hell else does he have to loose drinking a good Ass tea that's easy to make. After drinking a serving in the morning and one at night, I'm not sure if it's a placebo effect but my energy through the day was very stable and great really but who knows maybe I just got great sleep and I'm feeling good from it. The big thing this stuff is advertised for is the highest Antioxidant rating therefore benefiting the immune system. Guys try this stuff I'm telling you it's really good so far I'm not twitching or dead right, I'm a meteorite guy I have no interest in the mushroom except for my health and to share with you guys in the big shroom thread!!! The first photo is a pound of chaga, The last photo is of the tea and the taste is incredible good, it taste like toasted sugar and earthy taste, if you have questions about brewing just ask me! 



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That fungus is also called tinder fungus, you can take the porous inside out of it and drop it in a concentrated solution of water and salt peter,let the water evaporate and it will catch a spark from a flint and steel and light right up. Way back before matches it was used to start fires, even before char cloth was used. It can also be used to carry an ember for long periods, like most of a day or more. Many native American women would do this when traveling to a different area to live and would have a camp fire in a hurry as soon as they stopped for the night. It's neat stuff and very useful. 

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