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Surprise in our Pool

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Yo All...I noticed a disturbance in our indoor pool yesterday late and checked it out to find a 5 ft. bull snake taking a swim but unable  to get out ... Bro and I started trying to save him/her but it retreated into the pump filter intake ... We took off the lid and got it out but, man, it was not grateful...It maintained a solid hiss that sounded like a very loud rattler and it struck at us over and over ... Anyhow, Bro finally got him in the net and released in the back yard where it can continue feasting on rattlers, rats, etc... Cool snake Cheers, Unc

Pool Snake 1.jpg

Pool Snake 2.jpg

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Yeah, they are a great snake to have around.  I always kept one under my cabin in the Mts.  I had a fellow come in and dig some exploratory holes for me and he said "You should have seen the big snake I killed with the backhoe yesterday".   I came unglued and read him the riot act.  We had that snake for years from when it was a small little thing.  It got in the cabin one day and I put I underneath and it lived there eating mice and squirrels to it's heart's content.  One of God's creatures.

   Old Tom 

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When I was very young and growing up down on my grandparents ranch in Skull Valley I would run across these quite often in the summer time.  Many where coiled up in a cat claw bush or in some scrub oak.  I would be out hunting Indian arrowheads, looking down not paying attention and they would start that noisy-deep-throated-racket and at first it would scare the bageebies out of me. :ROFL: I thought at first that it was a rattle snake, which caused me to coil-back in a fight or flight mode.  When they feel threatened, they take on a very aggressive and noisy attitude.  I would usually try to catch them and bring them in closer to the house, or let them go in the barn to keep the packrats and rattlesnakes at bay.  But my grandmother freek'd out when she found one in her hen house with a chicken egg half way down it's throat,..."Op" ..... I actually saw one (about a 4-footer) climbing it's way "vertically" straight up the outside wall of my grandparents stucco-walled house.  It was about 8ft up and must have been determined to get to something up there.

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