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is LAND MATTERS up to date on recent claims?  do not want to be on someone else's claim

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Land Matters Mining Claim Maps are updated twice a month from the BLM database. They are the most current maps available at any price. That being said they are not the final answer for mining claims status. They are a good place to start your research but they are not the final answer as to where you may prospect.

From the Land Matters Mining Claims Map front page:

Knowing the current status of mining claims is a critical part of understanding the land status in any given area of the public lands. As well as mining claims these maps have a Land Status layer and a PLSS layer to help you research and visualize the current land status. These maps should not be relied on to be current. Mining locators have 90 days after making their location to publicly record their claim and give the BLM notice of that recording. Additional time should be anticipated before the State BLM office updates the records on the LR2000 database that is used to create these maps.

The mining claims represented on these maps are only displayed to the nearest section and DO NOT display the actual claim location. Sections are about one square mile and actual mining claim locations can vary considerably from their mapped location.

The only way to determine an actual claim location is to obtain the County Recorder Location Notice and amendments for the claim in question, study the mapped location and then find the location marker on the ground. Members of the public and other prospectors do not have the right to determine whether an existing claim location is valid, only a court of record can make that determination.


It's up to each prospector to do their own due diligence before entering the public lands to prospect. Land Matters provides many of the tools you need to do that required research but there is no such thing as a map that can be relied on to show you where you can prospect.

Hope that helps.

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BLM/FS tried to segregate my claims off the trinity and they said there were none in the get go but had to prove them wrong in public meetings. They couldn't find 2-40 acre claims posted in 92, forms filed every year, monies collected, taxes paid every year to the county and even they on their own BLM LR 2000 could not find them. I wish you all the luck in the world. John

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