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Mariposa Evacuated


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Fire taking a turn for the worse overnight, building and headed for town. Family in area has been evacuated.

flightradar24.com has some good coverage where the air attack is hitting the red stuff.

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Hope all turns out ok. Here is our town yesterday evening. It's really bad all over the West everyone. So much cheat grass everywhere. 


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It is called the Detwiler fire,about 20,000 acres 5% containment. terrible situation I hope no lives our lost. 3 by our place within a few days around 46,000 acres in just the Garza fire. seems like everyday 3 or more fires start. California is in for the worst fire year I can recall.


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Looked at the fire map on Cal Fire's site but it hasn't been updated. It jumped 140 to the south and is close on BIL's place on Yaqui Gulch Rd. Hope they get a handle on it today.

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I live close to Yaqui Gulch....went for a spin a few days ago and notice 3 homes have burned in the area 2 on Yaqui and one on Liveoak. Hope Bill's house is ok and not one of the 2 I saw.

Today we finally have our power back and roads on Yaqui open to traffic. These areas were all under mandatory evacuation orders...a few stayed on like myself most left. No one wants looter in their home .... fire came to my neighbors back yard and firefighting crews saved it....I felt confident in the fire crews and if it jumped my street and went on my property  I already had an evacuation route in mind to take me to safety. Gotta say having a pool to cool off in was nice. Luckily no lives lost to residents and fire crews and all others involved in this crazy fire. I have to say our town pulled together and helped everyone in need including providing free bags of food for cats and dogs....all livestock was transported to the local fairgrounds by volunteers ....water was available and shelters put up for those in need. I am pretty proud of our emergency personnel including our utilities companies..who worked day and night to make sure we were all safe. I have learned a lot going thru this, and one thing comes to mind......what's most important when chit hits the fan is our local government and emergency services...those are the ones who will come to your aide  it's your  community, .not those in Washington. or Fake Media.   On my shopping list...... # 1 a generator ! Life would have been so much better with power to the refrigerator....






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