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I was out early this morning on one of my ventures when I ran across this THING-E??  Not sure what it had been utilized for back in the early days, but must have been useful in either mining or ranching??  Any ideas???







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Well, that's strange, as I found it out smack-dab in about the middle of the burn area on the top of a knoll.  There wasn't any man made structures around, nor rusted trash of any kind, just this laying on top of the ground.

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Yeap that's what it is, depending on where you're at the name has several variations. Tommy Stick, Stick Tommy, Sticking Tommy, the construction also varies slightly as well, some are made of wrought iron, some made out of iron rod/heavy wire, etc, some have the side hook for hanging as well as the point for sticking it into crevices, etc, and some only have the point.

Image result for Tommy Stick  Image result for Tommy Stick  Image result for Tommy Stick

Image result for Tommy Stick  Image result for Tommy Stick  Antique Miners Tommy Stick Mining Candle Holder Blacksmith Old Twisted Wrought


Image result for Tommy Stick    Image result for Tommy Stick

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Hey "Everyone" Thanks for all your info. on this "functional-item" of-that-day and time period.  I had no clue as to what it was(Thanks for your pictures Au Seeker), but thought it looked kind of cool when I say it laying there.  I couldn't figure out what that hook was for until I say your pictures;..thanks Clay.  They say that you learn something every day if you keep your mind open to doing so, so I have been Enlightened.  I think you are Right Bill, as I pulled a few listings up on EBAY yesterday and they where selling from any where from $25.00 up to $250.00.  Mine doesn't have any engraved lettering on it, so it may not be worth as much.      

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16 minutes ago, Morlock said:

Some of those candle holders are worth thousands of dollars. Worth checking the values on on them. 

"Thousands" of dollars?????  You're not stretching it a bit are you????  If not, I may have to look more seriously into the matter.

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No, I'm not stretching the values on miners candle holders. I knew a mineral dealer in Utah who also sold old mining items. For some long forgotten reason, he sent me a link for a certain candle holder worth over $10,000. Now the chances of yours being worth that much are very slim but some are worth money nonetheless. So the next time you or anyone else finds old mining items, it might be wise to check the values. And don't rely on one person. Get as much information as possible from others.

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