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New, looking for specimen id

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Hardness?  Specific Gravity?

Without the above my first guess would be: large sample - Chalcedony; small sample - weathered, clear, glass.

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If you have a piece of quartz with a sharp edge, scrape the quartz against the samples.  If the quartz "gouges" or leaves a mark on the samples that does not rub off, then the samples are most likely clear, weathered glass.

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I'm pretty sure that you used a piece of "Calcite" per above photos to do the test.  Calcite is very soft, hardness of 3 on the Mohs scale, and will not scratch most minerals.  You know know that the samples are harder than 3 on the Moh's scale, that is useful.

Mineral Hardness  here is some info on mineral hardness and the "Mohs Scale".  If you have a "pointy" six sided piece of quartz (quartz crystal) that would work to test the samples of interest.

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