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meteorite mistake purchase.

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Hi guys,

    Glad to join this forum. My name is Steve and I've been a meteorite enthusiast now for over 10 years. I have a small collection but not a single iron yet because I love chondrites. (please don't make fun of me please))Anyways I've been looking for a introductory deal into a good size iron and I mean I looked deep for deals on eBay, well the person labeled it as a sikhote without the weight listed which I truly believed not to be a sikhote because it wasnt shrapnel, and it didn't look like a typical sikhote individual, but it was about the size of half a palm so I assumed for a 400 gram mislabled iron for $70 would be a steal. Anyway long story short it's 346gr attracts a magnet but It streaked RED on my file for a few swipes which leads me to think hematite. Before I filed it I thought at best it looked maybe like a canyon but now I don't think it's a meteorite, what do you think???




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We've all,l made those mistakes.. It would still be interesting to find out what it is, but it has no visible characteristics of a meteorite. It could be worth a small amount of money for what it truly is. I actually have a collection of meteor-wrongs that I keep for classes that I teach.


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 Thanks for the vote of confidence. I can't deny it's a pretty rock and would like to keep it for what it is but for $70 I'm going to try to return it and take it all as a good lesson. It streaked red like hematite so I think it's a hematite nodule that's been river or run off polished. I have a collection of other meteor-wrongs and minerals that I enjoy to have in my rock box and display cabinet. 

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In General , Hematite is not magnetic. It can sometimes be slightly magnetic. Your rock really looks like a common Iron Stone, which is very magnetic, heavy, and can really sing on a metal detector. The streak would likely be red as well.

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Magnetite actually has a grey/black streak and Hematite indeed will be brick red or brownish and not near as magnetic as Ironstone/Magnetite which is very magnetic.

I agree send it back.....

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