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Gift from brother. He refuses tell me what it is. Insists its valueable

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Long story short, I received a gift and its up to me to find out what it is.


It feels like rock but sounds like glass.

Its somewhat translucent, and has an odd webbing pattern on the inside, as well as potential air bubbles (could just be diffirent colors)


The outter part has an odd leather look to it. Its quite heavy for its size. I'll upload as many pictures as I can to get this indentified.



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Agatized dinosaur bone with silica?

Wow guys, awesome. Did some googling and its pretty close. Though I don't know exactly if its bone, wood, coprolite or something else. 


But that solid non translucence part must be the bone then huh? Its about 40% of the piece. The rest is I guess silica?

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