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OHV on mining claims

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Claim in in California and has trails that have been on them since the gold rush. I now have a person or persons driving a modified rock crawler up and down the trails which were only bike / quad width but are now being widened by full size vehicles. What's the law on this?

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I would call the land manager USFS, BLM, etc.  I have called a couple times when I started filing claims, and you do not want to talk to the person who picks up the phone, but a supervisor.

I can tell you from my prospecting research that the BLM will allow you to make your own trail, if done the correct way, but that involves a permit, a few thousand dollars, but that was out of my price range.

The one guy I knew who contacted the BLM in AZ about a land use issue, a newly installed gate that blocked road, got the BLM to go out and check it out.

To me this is a touchy issue.  The BLM has put trail signs out in the Wickenburg area and I am afraid that someday they will release a trail use plan that says to keep to the marked trails, and that my 4WD pick up may be to big for some of the marked trails.  I'd be afraid of the BLM concentrating their efforts in your area.  The unintended consequence might be trouble from the BLM for you getting to your claim.

I've had others tell me, "Don't let the BLM tell you can't drive your truck off the road to create a short trail to the creek for you to prospect, because you can."    Aside from not finding an area worth doing that, I do not feel like "fighting the man."  If I do find gravel that meets my grams per ton requirement, I'll relook that.


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