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Hey all...   I was reading the thread "  "  which had a link to Moldavite.   I thought I might have a piece because its looks simular ( at least to me )

Can anyone identify this rock?

I appreciate your time.





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To be perfectly honest, it looks like Libyan desert glass. Moldavite has more of a greenish colored tint to it.

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Looks like a fairly ordinary piece of chalcedony to me. I couldn't say for sure that that's what it is, since it's rather difficult to ID something from a photo alone. 

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11 hours ago, Morlock said:

May I ask how you acquired that specimen? Did you find it yourself or through other means?

It was harvested in the phoenix area...  north near the deem hills.  I found it a few years ago and set it aside because it was different.

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I never heard of moldavite until i watched a show last night and seen them. Anyways when i was a child about 8 years old i was playing in a stream like kids do flipping rocks looking for crawdads and i found this big green chunk of i thought was glass but thought it was neat so i kept it. Im 43 years old now and still have it today. It never really crossed my mind that it coukd be anything else but glass. But i always wondered why it was so thick i. Never seen glass that thick before and it is green with bubbles in it. Its a big piece id say 6 inches by 4 inches and pretty heavy ill have to take pics soon as i remember where i put it. But deffinetly going to hunt it out snd see if its moldavite or just a big piece of green glass. Weighs over a pound im sure but when i dig it out ill take pics and weigh it and measure it..

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