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Nail him to the wall


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Im sorry...I dont usually rant, but being in the aviation industry my whole career and with the amount of info/media out there these days on what to do and not to do.......I hope they put it to this guy. 
  He shuts down flying so he can play with his drone and get some pics to post?   

Not realizing the danger to peoples homes/aircrew/aircraft

Cudos on the investigators. After I heard about the incident I was saying to myself........just wait for the post. 

Dern RETARD    



Tom H. 



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Like all good things people get stupid about things.  Just a matter of time and you will need a permit / license for the things.  Anything over 1/2 lb are required to be registered as it is.  https://www.faa.gov/uas/getting_started/fly_for_fun/

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Had his hearing in court today and plead not guilty.

Maybe he'll try for a plea deal. Maybe the public defender entered the plea on his behalf without ever seeing the guy.  Most likely won't make the news again.  I heard this on KFYI 550 around 4:30 from the angry local broadcaster.

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Thanks for the update Chris.  If anyone else hears more on this keep us informed.  I think that the more folks know what happened it would be better for the whole situation.

   Old Tom

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