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USGS Historical Maps unavailable


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I hope I'm wrong, but I can't locate the historical maps on the USGS site. 

https://viewer.nationalmap.gov/basic/?basemap=b1&category=ustopo&title=US Topo Download#productSearch

USGS has appeared to have redone their website and the historical maps are no longer available.  What is available are the maps that have the picture layered over the contour lines for they started using in 2012.  What these newer maps do not have is roads cleary shown as jeep trails, dirt roads, paved roads, ETC.  Also not available are the prospects, tailings, mines, and shafts we as prospectors look at before we go out.  Apparently an old cellar foundation, or a one yard wide tunnel straight into the earth are not important enough to make it into the modern meta data system, which was fine as long as the historical maps are available.

I've got a small collection of the 1960s and 1970s maps for where I normally go, but I was looking at a new area today, and struck out.

I used to get my historical maps downloaded from free off USGS.GOV from the mapstore, but can't find the option.  If this is true, it's totally changing the way I choose to go prospecting.

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You can download every topo ever made for any area including the Historical Topos and the Historical Shoreline Surveys with just one click with the "i" tool on Land Matters Topo Search Map.

One map any topo. Quick and easy.  If you can think of a way to improve on that just send me a PM.


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That Topo Search on Land Matters is so much easier and quicker than going to the USGS.GOV. I did not even know about U.S. Forestry maps, which have the townships and ranges on them.

I like being able to see the legends at the bottom of the page with the date, scale, datum, and magnetic deviation.  All of those are there.  A lot of the map programs out there show the map only, and leave you guessing at the datum.  A good assumption is WGS 84, but if using Lat Long and that assumption is wrong, you can find yourself halfway in the other person's claim if using a GPS. 

Land Matters is amazing. 

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