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Report from Nome

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Report from Nome 
Spencer did another clean up at Nome River in our clean up box. This is his gold from the last two weeks dredging in the Bearing Sea. He goes home tomorrow and will come back in August. I will be going back inland in a few days to resupply Bruce. Jimmie fixed our red Ranger so both six wheelers are working now. Now that we do almost all of the repairs on our vehicles and everything up here is paid for the gold being found should be more than expenses this year. Last year Spence spent more than he received and found in gold. Most of the dredgers and dredges here in Nome have failed and the dredges are sitting around all over town and not working. We have had mostly good weather so far and hope that it continues so Jimmie can find good gold.



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1 hour ago, Stevephillips said:

Spencer did another clean up at Nome River in our clean up box...

Steve -- Will you give us the weight after it was cleaned out of the moss..? It's really impossible to tell looking at it like this cos of what may be hidden deeper.. I'll guess 2 oz based on what can be seen but hope I'm under..


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I enjoy the reports.  I like to see people are getting something for there efforts.

As you get more and more reports posted, if you could date them it'd be awesome.   That way I can tell one from the other as the replies keep coming in.

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