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Whites GM3 - best settings for meteorites

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Hi all ,

A few days to this I bought the detector  Whites Goldmaster GM3 . I hope to love GM3
and will permit to get me the new quality detecting :)
I have already Whites Spectra V3i and XP Goldmaxx Power but I see that GM3 has a potential and the force .

I am meteorite hunter so I will want to find in GM3 ideal settings so in order to 
he detected to me very well and deeply stony meteorite (chondrite).

Can somebody help me find best settings ? 


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The settings will be site specific.  So you will have to practice with the gm3 until you understand it. Try starting with moderate sensitivity, learn to get a slightly positive ground balance then practice...parks, yards, fields where ever....hot rocks should sound different than any metal target.


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Hi Romulus,

The GM3 is a great machine.  I have used one for some dozen years and find all kinds of gold, both big, small and sub grain size.

I have used it to find lots of meteorites at both Franconia and Gold Basin.  I also have found a few Franconia irons with it.  Actually the meteorites are easy to hear with the GM3, very loud and clear.  No question about it.  If you need to cover lots of ground while hunting, get a 14" Sierra Gold Max coil.

Fred is correct about ground sensitivity, but a high sensitivity isn't really needed hunting meteorites.  Meteorites come across really loud.

Just my opinion.


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Thank you friends for all your feedback !
I live in Europe so my terrain will be a difference to hunting from your area
Lots of work and exercises with GM3 for me :)  I need to understand all its functions and dependencies settings.


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