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Slim pickins today


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At the last minute , I decided not do important things, and went beepin instead ! :black_knight_standing:

Today was odd, the pieces of gold were just so random up in the high desert.  One was way up away from the creek on the side of the hill :idunno: Something told me to beep there however......:head:  Lots and lots of hiking and brush trimming :hiker:

The Gold Bug II continues to spank these buggers....A  whopping  4/10ths of a gram total !




Hope everyone had a safe & fun weekend !

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Those 'chores' can wait until later....  

Congrats on the finds !!  

Looks like procrastination paid off.  :4chsmu1:


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Cool! Nice finds :yesss: Least the weather is still decent up there. Getting warm down here. 

Tom H.


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