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A Murder ! Murder it Was !


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  I witnessed a Murder today.    Brute Bone Rattling Murder.  !!!   Mama Quail was pecking away  the cracked corn.  10-12 baby Quail scratching away.   Out of the Bush comes the Dragon (Road Runner) !  Baby Quail ALL oVEr the PlaCe .  But the Dragon , errrr Road Runner was Well you know Road Runner Like  Snatched up a Baby.   With three hardy Smacks on the Ground to tenderize the already tender one swallow and Gone.  LAST week there was another cubey like that .  It didn't last a week and all the babies were Dragon Munchies.     So.......   Yep,   Dar Be Dragons in Dis Land.  Mark da Map!

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LOL !   True BS Story. I know a guy who use to feed this road runner on his back porch hamburger balls. Over time the thing got braver and braver. Closer , Closer. Snerrrk ! He figured he would let the thing take the burger from his hand. It Popped a Hole in his hand about a inch and a half Deep ! We Called him WILEY E. COYOTE Super Genus for a while.

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