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Big 5kg possibly a Mesosiderite?

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Hey Im from north wales not long ago i found a odd looking rock some were im not going to share were yet but i will eventually if this is real, it looked complacently different to everything else around i picked it up and it was heavy, and instantly i thought this could be a meteorite, i took it home i did some research on it, is magnetic and i decided to brake a small piece off it and sand it down to make a window on the piece i broke off and oh my it looks good, It weights 4.95KG in total what do you all think of it i believe its a Mesosiderite i have contacted some researchers and will be sending a sample for testing 

I couldnt upload to this site i think the Image size is to big 



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21 hours ago, system32 said:

Hey Im from north wales not long ago i found a odd looking rock.. its a Mesosiderite...I couldnt upload to this site i think the Image size is to big 


 THe little silver circles/rings  in the "window" ( first pic) are significant in the ID?( cracked the book) I'm guessing those could be iron-nickel chondrules?

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I have sent photos to experts and they said that there not sure if it is a meteorite by the photos they have asked me to send them a sample so they can grind it better and do a analysis of what it contains, I have also been told from someone else to contact Rob Elliott to get his opinion as he is the top collector and hunter in the UK, The shiny metallic chondrules may not be metal i had to hold them to catch the light to make them more visible ill attack a photo of what it looks like without, i have also been looking at a group of meteorites that look similar is some of the Carbonaceous chondrites example from The Maribo meteorite that fell in denmark in January 2009



And this is without light reflecting 



And this is a chip in the main piece 


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4 hours ago, Mikestang said:

weaver, chondrules are not made of iron-nickel.

  Ok, it looked shiny, so I assumed . I guess the bulk makeup ( of chondrules) is olivine, pyroxene and some Si( per link below).

WOuld slag have all thos little circles init? WOuldn't it just be a  big glob of homogeneosity? Like a basalt lava bomb?

 http://astronomy.swin.edu.au/cosmos/C/Chondrule "Made of the minerals olivine and pyroxene (with perhaps smaller amounts of glass, iron and nickel present), "

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Okay i have just found a Meteorite that i did not know about that was seen falling and heard, landed 50 Yards near a farmhouse about 10 miles from were i found it there is also a map of the path the meteorite took in 1931, The meteorite is classified as a Winonaite S3 There is a 360 zoom-able image here with microscope here http://www.virtualmicroscope.org/content/pontllyfni some other links about this meteorite






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system32, if you look at the pictures of that meteorite you'll notice the smooth black fusion crust on the outside, your rock has a rough, jagged exterior that does not resemble a meteorite to me.  Of course it could be a factor of me just looking at a few pictures rather than rock in hand, and if it were from the 1931 Pontlyfni meteorite (https://www.lpi.usra.edu/meteor/metbull.php?code=18865) and sat in the ground there all this time exposed to all that moisture it certainly could end up looking rusty red like that. I'm glad to hear you have contacted some knowledgeable folk in your neck of the woods, hopefully they can look at it in person and give you an answer.


There is a lot of information available about the Pontlyfni fall, for example:




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Yeah it does have what it appears to be black fusion crust on one face of the rock but most of it is covered in a rusty coating ill give you a side by side here also if you look at the grainy specks on the broken side of the  even tho there not clearly visible but they look very similar, is the Winonaite group one of the rarest with only 25 found, 


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This rock has me intrigued. I noticed on one of the links that it said that the Pontllyfni meteorite has "chondrules that are so indistinct that they are difficult to see."

Keep us updated on the progress!

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