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Black Canyon area BLM "travel plan" public input

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Here's your chance to be heard, or at least attempt to be heard by someone who makes the decisions. The BLM is accepting comments and holding meetings RE: the Black Canyon corridor travel plan. Speak up or forever hold your peace, and apply for your NOI and/or POO to exercise your right to access gold country. Later...Jim P. 


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6 hours ago, homefire said:

All Comments end in file 13 ?  Any and ALL Decisions have been made.  Just a formality. 

As much as I agree with you re BLM at this time, that isn't the point..

MMAC has invested a lot of time and energy helping the original mining districts move forward with reorganization.. I believe before too much more time goes by, BLM will have to face the fact they actually really do work for us..  When that time comes, one will either be able to say "I did my part" or "I stood idly by while..."

Everyone has a choice.. Doing nothing isn't neutral, it's negative..


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I'm more then aware who SUPPOSE to work for who but until Trump unseats a few higher ups it's going to be SSDD.  I agree people should do the war dance at the table.  I'm just saying it's not going to change any thing they want to do at this time.  Like the Forestry Service the BLM needs to be flushed before we see any significant changes.

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