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buying or selling gold

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55 minutes ago, H-2 Charlie said:

I see gold down , will Trump s economy cause America to use more in a big demand ?


The very first thing that comes to my mind is: "Are they culls..?" (My gut tells me they are not culls..)

Because I can honestly say I can't think of but a very small handfull of reasons or scenarios where anyone could possibly sell Unc, minted (assumed troy) oz of Au @ spot without taking a monetary hit of one sort or another, especially if of a most current year Gov't strike..


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Not worried about it. Let's not forget it wasn't all that long ago gold was less than $300 an oz...Also I heard somewhere gold typically follows the price of gas so I'd expect a jump in the coming months. 

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This is one of the things that can happen when I react too quickly in re provided information: I might miss some of 'the fine print'..

These folks are not offering Canadian Maples at spot; in small print beneath "Special Price etc." it's stated they are being offered at spot + $19.99, which is an absolutely fantastic deal..!

On an individual gold bullion current year uncirculated coin purchase / sale I would consider a selling premium of 8% not beyond the scope of normalicy, although that really is pushing acceptable boundary.. I'd say a 5 to 7 % premium for an item such as the one we have here is pretty standard fare.. That makes this approx 1.7% premium presentation on these offerings a true gift..!

If you are the type of person who likes to hold on to some uncirculated condition .9999 fine minted gold, from what I can see this offering is about as good as it gets..
( As a non-monetary comparison the American Eagle $50 face value gold coin also contains 1ozT Au but is .9167 fine and weighs approx 1.09 ozT.. The remainder is hardeners [copper & silver I believe] to 'toughen up' the coin.. )
Also, I've been watching this auction the last approx 24 hours and the folks offering this strike have their pricing directly tied to the spot price of Au.. The selling price of this Maple has gone up about $US8 during this timeframe -- following along with Au spot..


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To me these coins appear to be available from other vendors for marginally more than the asking price at this link.

I personally suspect the gold price to be between $800-$1300 in three  years.

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