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65,000 of gold? Looks like more ..naive bunch gets caught ..

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This is a partial copy-n-paste of the above story, the last section actually.. While these words make it blindingly apparent all Governments regardless of type are pretty much the same no matter where one resides on our planet ( pie, meet fingers ), I can only think of a couple possible scenarios where the true tenement (claim) holder(s) would allow the following to take place without first putting forward some form of un-minced legalezed words from their lawyers..

What think ye..?
--begin paste:

Stolen gold seized by WA Government

The case has also resulted in a small, yet curious windfall for the WA Government, with all of the stolen gold forfeited to the state.

While the men were officially charged with defrauding tenement holder Evolution Mining by stealing the gold, prosecutors argued the gold, in fact, belonged to the Government.

The ABC understands the prosecution argument to be that because the gold had not been mined before it was stolen, it remains the property of the people of Western Australia, rather than the tenement holder.

Sergeant Sita told the court prosecutors had advised Evolution of the forfeiture order, but the company had opted against contesting it or looking to recover the gold.

---end paste..


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Well if the "true" owners aren't willing to contest the seizure it only empowers and encourages the government to keep on taking what isn't theirs!!:idunno:

That being said it would probably cost the owners more in legal fees to contest the seizure than what the gold is worth.

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