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Another Franconia find

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Last weekend (May 6, 2017) I went back to the same area as my last 3 finds to finish hunting that area.  I pulled another one out from under a bush, buried a couple inches.  This one is 123.0g of fusion crusted goodness.  I'll post a pict of it cleaned up soon.





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Congratulations Mike !!

Maybe you should try Jimale's 'test' to see if it's really a meteorite though.....



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Thanks, everyone!


On 5/14/2017 at 8:00 AM, hardtimehermit said:

Wow your on a roll, maybe you found a hot pocket. Any  idea on the largest meteorite pulled out of the area? Keep up the swinging looks like you have moved into the big fish zone!


Happy hunting:head:


It's definitely an area that hasn't been pounded to extinction as evidenced by my initial surface find, but it's basically right in the middle of the strewn field so as to the largest from "the area" I would guess over a kilo.

I found another one on the surface back in 2015 when my detector batteries died, I'm thinking I need to head over that that area with my detector also...

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There was a big one found southeast of the freeway a while back... about 19 lbs., as I recall, and was found by a well known meteorite hunter (whose name I have forgotten.  Cheers, Unc

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Help. I've got a large Campo I need to clean. It's 126kg and was oiled by someone else and is now dirty. Would the isopropyl work best or is there another suggestion?




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