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one for 2.4 grains


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It beat the skunk !   :head:


Got out for a few hours last Sunday to hunt a challenging area, and was rewarded with this nice signal deep in a bedrock crevice.  The Gold Bug II new it was there. :black_knight_standing:



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NIce! :yesss:Hey....wait a minute......thats looking a lot like  the two I just found. :idunno:.....you following me? :200:

Nice gold bud.

Tom H.


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Nice gold Adam.   :thumbsupanim  :head:

Just curious...  

I was wondering if you could expand on 'challenging' for us.  Topography, vegetation, distance from vehicle, no gold found before....etc. ???

Thanks !!


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Dudes .....

The area has been hit pretty hard by detectorists, and there arent that many trash targets. . Also there is a great number of iron stones from a mile upstream, which mask targets well. For the most part , I only hunt the benches as the heavies are thick in the guts....Am I missing gold ?  You bet I am  :idunno: oh well....

Im just a "crumb chaser" anyway....

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Thanks for the insight Adam.

I like the 'crumbs' too.  There are lots more of them to find. 

Some gold, is better than no gold.




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