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I'm headed out there tomorrow I'll have to check.  The only two current fires I know of are the "Sawmill" in Tucson and the "Cactus" outside Mesa.  This is the site I look at:


If it is true, it's a shame with the winds blowing so much.

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 "Castle Fire", Carefree Highway, Morristown

Circle City-Morristown FD has a brush fire, named the "Castle Fire", along Carefree Highway between mileposts 2 and 4.
Carefree Highway is shut down between Grand Ave (US 60) and at least milepost 7 in both directions.

Circle City-Morristown FD: 158.7525
Phoenix Regional FDC A-6: 154.310
BLM Phoenix: 172.525
AZ F&FM ch 1: 151.400
(Wickenburg FD may be on scene as well.)
DPS Metro West: 460.300
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Thanks for the update.  Never expected wildfires when I moved out here.


There's a bunch of smaller fires that don't make the news like the big ones.  For the cactus fire outside Mesa, that was their 13th fire this year.  All the other ones were so small or isolated or quickly contained, those never got any press.


I remember seeing the smoke from a distant wildfire five years ago when I first started prospecting and the gold fever had me real bad.  I was panning in the Agua Fria, and at the time the fire looked like it was over the next hill, but I wasn't stopping.  It was much farther away than that I found out later.

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