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Digging and detecting


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Welp............went out today with Dad/Dave/James. Went into a couple of spots we have both found nuggets in.

Dad and I dug up 4 buckets of dirt and put them in the Yoto and Dave was down lower drywashing.

We met up around 10 and went out detecting.
BLAH!!!!...............No nuggets and 4 buckets had some fly poop in them. Welp Least I know where NOT to go drywashing :_
It was still great to get out and hunt with buddies.

Heres a vid of my Trommel running the dirt tonight.

Tom H.




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Hey at least it was golden fly poo. Plus time out with pop and friends. Can't beat that.


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Glad you guys were able to make it out today.  It's getting warm.....    :Just_Cuz_06:

Looks like some chunky fly poop.  Maybe a few more buckets....  up, down, left or right could have been the motherlode.



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2 hours ago, nugget108 said:

Oh and nice trommel too.


I built it about 3 yrs ago.

Used in line skates for the barrel rollers, Go Kart sprocket for the ring gear, Old windshield wiper moter from some car to turn it.  I did splurge on the matt for the sluice. It is Gold Hog. The stuff is really good and catches minute gold. :) The rest of the stuff I had laying around in the junk yard to put it together.  Cost bout 100 bucks total.

Its a great small set up for sampling stuff.

Tom H.


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Thats it...im going back and dig up one more bucket! :)


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